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I've been pretty absent from blog writing. The torrent of work and relational trauma last autumn and winter required a long recovery, and a bit of a reset, really. I feel better, though.

Not perfect, but better.

I hadn't planned on doing any hard work until my ramp up to autumn 2024, but, I had the rare fortune to be invited to an event at Arflex in Ebisu!

If you are downtown on July 3rd, please come round for a visit. I've been told there will be all sorts of wonderful food, antiques, pottery, beautiful textiles, and other bits and bobs. I've not decided exactly what we're supplying to this festival of happiness, but I'm experimenting with some new things, including patchwork from suiting.

I'll continue to update on instagram and the like, but for now, here are the official fliers in Japanese and English:

Both the entrance fees and a percentage. of proceeds benefit two amazing charities. One is "Save the Children" and the other is "Ashinaga". Both are excellent causes that I'm looking forward to supporting!

The arflex store is a short walk from both Ebisu station and the neighborhood of Hiroo, so it's a really great opportunity to make a day of it. I hope to see you there!





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