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Made to: communicate. Just a few things while I catch my breath...


If you've followed this blog from the beginning, you'll notice a few differences. First being: it's on a completely different website now. All of the people directly around me are congratulating me and breathing a sigh of relief, as things hadn't been working out for a while and I was deeply unhappy.

The second difference you'll notice is: clear photography, a snappier look and pricing in whatever currency you might like. I think I have all of the store bits open now, and things seem to be working in a dependable fashion. All I did was smoosh together my Harada Wool website and Made To Atelier and...

cue the trumpets...

et voila!

I guess I was the "right person" to do this for myself in the first place.

Lesson learned (the hard way I suppose) that I have to do what's best for me, as some people just don't follow through on their promises. After 6 years of lies, I have no space for my time to be wasted and myself to be exploited any longer. .

I can always stand by my own side and do what I promised myself, and the two wonderful knitters I work with.

Speaking of the "right people", I have finally released a pattern for June Cashmere

just in time to do a bit of last minute christmas knitting, or give a lovely kit as a gift. If you are a knitter, this can be knitted from rib to crown with one hank of their DK weight, using everything right down to the last 10cm of yarn.

I have also put these hats in the store as a ready made purchaseable item because they are one of my favourite go-to, "work horse" hats that look good with just about anything, and can assist you with warm ears on a dog walk, or hike, but have just enough "fancy" to accompany you down town to a dinner date or to catch a film on a cold winter evening. I know that cashmere, especially of the caliber that June Cashmere produces often feels unobtainable or a bit of a splurge, however, this particular yarn is very much an investment.

You might think: Why cashmere? Isn't wool good enough?

Well, sure, it's good enough. I have loads of wooly hats that I love very much. However, if you feel the cold like I do, cashmere has 3x the insulation power of regular wool. It helps you regulate your own body temperature and can be worn against the skin easily. It is durable, lightweight, and comfortable despite whatever you're wearing it for. I have one hat I knitted in June cashmere about 6 years ago that I wear more than any of my other hats, and it does not pill or seem to age despite regular washing. With this type of garment, you really only need to buy one, and you're set. So, if you're in need of a hat, I implore you, consider one like this.


It's December 1st. The gift giving season is upon us, so today I spent some time adding a few more items to the online store. I am in the atelier most of this month, so if there is something you'd like to see, touch and experience before you decide to buy, please feel free to make an appoinment to come and see us.

I think that is all for today.

Happy beginning of the holiday season.

I'm looking forward to 30 more days of festivity!




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Dec 07, 2023

congratulations on the bravery, getting away from abusive people can be difficult. be easy.

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