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Breathing Space

It's golden week.

I loathe golden week with the fire of a thousand suns. It rips my rhythm to shreds, there are people everywhere and it's about three times more expensive to do something simple, like cook dinner.

Negativity out of the way, I am cleaning house for ten days.

Since I shuttered my retail space, I've been struggling with the lack of any kind of place to spread out in. I had no where to leave a sewing project, or knitting project without shoving it in a bag of some sort. I like to be able to see these things in progress and be reminded or ready to pick it up whenever I feel like it. Those messes are always staring at me, pressing me to tidy up or tuck them away. I didn't even have a hiding place for any of them.

I pitched a massive tantrum yesterday, shoveled out a corner of the house and threw away a million things I haven't used in years. I made a tiny universe for myself, complete with squishy chair for knitting, spinning and day dreaming, shelves for lining with bobbins and tools, a big table for my machines, drawers for fabric, and places to pile copious amounts of wool. It's a very small, but very comfortable sanctuary.

I even found a spot for Hisako... She's helping me sort out some recent design work. Although it's a men's sweater, she doesn't seem to mind.

All that Irish wool in my favorite cha-bako, and a cubby to tuck away my niddy noddies...

Now if I could be left alone long enough to be productive... But probably not, because it's golden week.





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