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In 1979, an American psychologist called Dorothy Tennov wrote and published "Love and Limerence, the Experience of Being in Love". In a recent fit of self searching, I came across her book and binge read it in just a few evenings. The sum of the story is: "Falling in Love" is as involuntary as our own heart beats (you know, autonomic nervous system stuff), and the result of complex neurotransmitters working some horrible, wonderful magic on our bodies. I smiled a bit when I turned the last page, because reading her book reminded me that it is a rare occasion in life when the science matches the fairytale.

A few weeks after I closed the cover on that book, my yarn arrived from Blackberry ridge woolen mills, in Wisconsin USA.

As per usual, I "fell in love" immediately.

I'm not sure why woolen spun yarns leave me tingly, and swooning.

Passion is passion perhaps?

I tore open all four boxes, and dove in with every sense I possess. I love the way Cormo wool feels, but when I buried my nose in the hanks, I remembered how it has felt to open just about every blackberry ridge shipment I've ever received. Anne's factory has a very special smell.

I was putting the finishing touches on some design work I was on deadline for, so I had to do some very serious self lecturing about being dependable instead of leaving my obligations for the shiny object in front of me. When it was safe to press go, and all deadlines were met, I started wandering through some old books my partner and I had laying around, one in particular about "the art of the Scottish Guernsey". There in the charts section, I found the most perfect k&p simple texture motif that would fit perfectly in the 2 panels of a sock pattern. I snaffled it up post haste and began writing, and then knitting.

Living and breathing this process has been love itself, a chemical tornado in my body that has left me mooning and daydreaming far more than is normal. I just...can't help it?

Without further rambling on: The Limerence Socks

Using a 2.7mm needle (or smaller if you want a smaller gauge and a smaller sock) , a hank of epic sock yarn from Harada wool, and your favorite 2x2 tubular cast on method (mine is here)

Make 76 stitches. Knit rounds 1-8 of the chart 3 times. (total 18 rounds of 2x2 rib)

After completing Row 14 of the chart, continue with the repeat chart:

Repeat chart to be completed 2x per round totaling 78 sts

Knit this repeat until you have the cuff length you desire. I went with knee high socks and knitted 12.5 repeats, ending on row 5.

On the last row of the chart you decide to complete, reduce 4 sts by knitting together sts 1&2, and 38 & 39 the bed of 4 purl stitches at each border becomes two).

Heel flap: Working across the first 37 sts only, the second set of 37 sts should be placed on another needle, waste yarn or just not worked)

Beginning heel flap row 1(RS) : Sl1, (K1, sl1) until the last

Row 2 (WS): S1, Purl until end of row

Repeat these two rows 14 more times (until there are 13 slipped sts on each edge of the heel flap.

Turning the heel: On a right side row, K 28, k2tog, turn

Next Row: P 19, P2tog, K2tog

Next Row: Continue knitting until one stitch before the gap created, K2tog on RS, and P2tog on WS, until the last gap has been closed on the RS. (There will still be one gap and one stitch on the WS.

The turned heel complete, pick up 13 gusset sts (from top to bottom) on the right side of the sock, insert a marker, or use magic loop separation, work across the top sts in pattern (repeat chart), insert marker or pull a loop of cord, and then pick up 13 gusset sts on the left side of the sock (top to bottom). Close the last gap on the turned heel and begin to work in the round again.

Gusset: Row1: K until 3 sts before marker. K2tog, K1, slip marker, Work top chart, Slip marker, K1, SSK, K until the end of row (The beginning of row should now be counted in the center of the turned heel.

Row2: K until marker, slip marker, work top chart, slip marker K until end of round.

Continue in this manner until the stitches between the markers match (gusset should be a total of 12 rounds) and there should be 37 sts between each marker.

When the gusset is complete, please continue knitting until arriving at the proper length of sock. I knitted a mens 28cm sock and completed the pattern 11.5 times.

Toe closure:

K1 round.

Closure decreases Round 1: K until 3 sts before marker, SSK K1, Sl Marker, K1, K2tog, K until 3 sts before next marker, SSK, K1, Sl marker, K1, K2tog, K until end of round.

Round 2: K all sts

Continue these two rounds until 22 sts remain on the needle.

Kitchener the toe closed.

Now do it again, and fall head over gusset.



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